How we work?

What We Do at Island Well Drillers in Cape Breton Island

Island Well Drillers have all the latest equipment and professional, licensed staff to solve any water problems for residential, commercial and institutional clients throughout Cape Breton.

If you're looking for answers to your water quality issues or need service on your water treatment, pump or well, call us and let our staff solve your problems!

If you're thinking of buying a new home, we offer quantity and quality tests, including running water for time intervals to ensure there is enough water to sustain a normal household. We also recommend having your sewer lines inspected before you purchase your home.


Our services include:

  • Drilled and dug wells
  • Pumps – jet and submersible
  • Constant pressure systems
  • Well locating services
  • Video camera well inspection
  • Well deepening
  • Well abandonment
  • Water treatment
  • Service ALL types of pumps and conditioners
  • Sewer pipe inspection, including robotic video
  • Septic tank location
  • Quantity and quality tests for new home buyers
  • Ultraviolet light systems to treat bacteria
  • Water conditioners and iron filters
  • Radio detection services for pipe and wire locating
  • Parts and repairs for existing systems
  • Emergency service calls


We have the tools and a full fleet of service vehicles to provide you the reliable service you deserve with the quality you require on time and efficiently. Our vehicles include:

  • 2 Drillers
  • 2 Main service trucks
  • 2 Boom trucks
  • 2 Robotic video inspection trucks
  • 2500 Gallon tanker truck
  • 7500 Gallon tanker trailer
  • Generator truck
  • 1 Five ton work truck
  • 2 Follow trucks for the driller


Wells are priced on a per-foot basis and vary from region to region. We estimate base pricing on an average depth of well for your area. We offer pumping system pricing for new wells and retrofits.


We do everything we can to help Cape Breton thrive and grow by being immersed in local charities and sporting events.

Organizations we are involved in include:

  • Nova Scotia Crimestoppers
  • Local Fire Departments
  • Local Legions
  • Child Find
  • CB Sports Hall of Fame
  • Breakfast Programs for Cape Breton Victoria Regional School Board
  • Autism Society of Cape Breton
  • Local Churches
  • Various CBU Organizations
  • Local Sports Teams
  • Major Supporter of Cape Breton Minor Football Association
  • Participated in the Santa Clause Parade

Nova Scotia Well Database

If you’re seeking information on your well or general information for a certain geographical location, please view the Nova Scotia Environment Well Database.